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Shift-It Crash Anti Fog Spray

One of the biggest problems associated with riding motorcycles is clear vision. As well as keeping the outside of the visor clean the inside needs to be kept clear
Price £2.55

Shift-It Grime Buster

The Shift-It Grime Buster is a non-scratch sponge specially produced to shift the most stubborn insects and road grime without scratching your helmet or visor.
Price £2.80

Shift-It Helmet and Visor Cleaner

The original and we believe still the best, Shift-It Helmet and Visor Cleaner contains no abrasives or any other ingredients which could scratch the surface of any helmet or visor
Price £2.80

Shift-It Helmet Visor Wipes

For the ultimate convenience, the only answer is Shift-It Visor Wipes. Packed two to a packet, they can be carried and used on any journey, carried even in the smallest pocket and yet with enough cleaning power to shift even the most stubborn insects and road grime.
Price £0.60

Shift-It Polisher

As with all polished surfaces, prevention is better than a cure. Therefore if the outside of your helmet is protected, it's easier to keep clean and in showroom condition
Price £3.05