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Every motorcycle in the UK over three years old needs a Valid MOT certificate to be legally used on the road.
The test can be confusing for the owner of a motorcycle, so why not let Jim Allans take the worry out of it? 
Our skilled technicians will inspect your motorcycle thoroughly before its examination.
If any issues are identified during the checks, they can be addressed before the bike undergoes testing.
MOT (1 HOUR)  £29.65



Suzuki has launched a new Service Activated Warranty, which extends a motorcycle’s warranty period after the initial three years through regular servicing at authorised Suzuki dealerships.
The Service Activated Warranty is offered once the motorcycle reaches the end of its manufacturer warranty period of three years, and is booked in for its next scheduled service within the Suzuki Dealer network. This warranty then stays in place until the next qualifying service. It is then simply renewed again, up to a maximum vehicle age of seven years or 70,000 miles, whichever comes first.
The Service Activated Warranty is offered to customers completely free of charge.
All major components are covered, and should the machine be sold between services and within the seven-year qualifying period, the warranty will simply be transferred to the new owner.
The Service Activity Warranty can also be enjoyed by owners of secondhand machines, even if any original warranty has expired and if there is a gap in the service history. Providing the new owner has their motorcycle serviced at a Suzuki dealership and goes through a Suzuki Motorcycle Health Check in the first instance, it will benefit from a fresh, one-year warranty.
For these customers, the Service Activated Warranty will begin 30 days from the date the authorised Suzuki Dealer service has been completed.



Whether it's a pre-season service, a mileage interval service or just some TLC for your pride and joy, we've got you covered.

Book your service with our expert technicians today and have your motorbike or scooter cared for by our mechanics who have years of experience in servicing.



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